As requested by Eiki.
Seirensen retold ♡

Title: Touching
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Album: So, All we have (not) created equal
Vocal: 556t
Lyrics: 毛
Arrangement: 毛
Release: 2013/12/30 (Comiket 85)

東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object
魔界地方都市エソテリア (Rural Makai City Esoteria)
虎柄の毘沙門天 (Tiger-patterned Bishamonten)

寄り添っていたかったんだ ずっと

hitotsuzutsu hiroi atsumeta chiisana housekitachi wa
shizuka ni kagayaite toki wo matteiru
samishiku wa nai you ni
kanashiku wa nai you ni
yorisotte itakattanda zutto

The small gems we gathered one by one
We quietly await the time they’ll shine
So that there may be no more loneliness
So that there may be no more sadness
We wanted to be by your side, forever


hoshi wo nagamete wa toosugiru to nageita
hikari ga todoku mae ni me wo sorashite utsumuiteita

I lamented that the stars are too far away to gaze at
Yet to reach the light, I averted my eyes and hung my head

いつか君は言っていた 「何事も等しくあるように」
それが正しいのか もうわからないんだ

itsuka kimi wa itteita “nanigoto mo hitoshiku aru you ni”
sore ga tadashii no ka mou wakaranainda

One day you were saying, “May everything exist equally.”
Whether that’s righteous, I don’t really know anymore


soredemo yoindatte mayotte tsumazuite
toomawari bakari shiteiru yo

Nevertheless, that’s okay, because lost and stumbling
We wouldn’t be able to stay on our path


hoshi wo kazoete wa oosugiru to nageita
hikari ni fureru mae ni nobashita te wo tameratta

I lamented that the stars are too many to count
Yet to touch the light, my extended hand wavered

まだ遠いよ 何もかもずれて行くよ
もう駄目だよ 太陽が沈むよ

mada tooi yo nani mo kamo zureteiku yo
mou dame dayo taiyou ga shizumu yo

It’s still distant, everything is slipping..
It’s no use anymore, the sun is going down..


hoshi wo yubisashite “saa fune wo susumeyou”
hikari ga afureru hou ni me wo korashite unazuitanda

Pointing at the stars, “Now, let the ship advance!”
Towards the overflowing light, I strained my eyes and bowed my head


hoshi to te wo tsunagi yo wo koete yukou
ochita hana wo mou ichido kirei ni sakasete miseru kara
yakusoku dayo

Hand in hand with the stars, let us cross over the night
So that we can make the fallen flower bloom beautifully once again
It’s a promise

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2 Responses to Touching

  1. Night says:

    Oh hello there, again. We’re in another weekend, may I ask you another request? (also, another 3rd eye arrange, goddamnit, I rly love Satori). This time from a circle with little popularity:
    It’s Konekodakkaiya:
    Again, thank you very much for your works. They’re rly great and It’s nice to see someone helping those who can’t understand it!!


    • fuyuko says:

      I know of them but this song was new to me. No problem! I’ll start transcribing the lyrics later today, so keep an ‘eye’ out for the post :’)


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