禁断Bullet / Forbidden Bullet

Title: 禁断Bullet
(kindan bullet)
Forbidden Bullet

Circle: Eternal Melody
Album: Unfinished
Vocal: 黒崎朔夜
Lyrics: 出部尊
Arrangement: nana
Released: Comiket 87

Requested by Meriole! I feel like I couldn’t make anything clear, but it’s something.

深い闇の中で誰か呼んでいるの 私だけ見つめて

fukai yami no naka de dareka yondeiru no watashi dake mitsumete

In deep darkness, someone is calling out, look only at me

未完成の この身体にだけ ツギハギだらけの魂に
耐え難いだけの苦痛ばかり 縋るように光を求めた

mikansei no kono shintai ni dake tsugihagi darake no tamashii ni
taegatai dake no kutsuu bakari sugaru you ni hikari wo motometa

In this incomplete body there is only a soul made up of patches
With nothing but unbearable pain, I looked for a light to hold on

迷い込んだ御伽の国 白い影を追いかけてた
助言者から 手渡された願い·祈り 禁断Bullet
誰も彼も自分だけを 正すように 言い聞かせて
私だけを特別だと 笑いながら狂ってゆくの

mayoikonda otogi no kuni shiroi kage wo oikaketa
jogonsha kara tewatasareta negai.inori kindan bullet
daremokaremo jibun dake wo tadasu you ni iikikasete
watashi dake wo tokubetsu dato warainagara kurutteyuku no

Strayed into fairyland, I chased after white figures
Given by an advisor, wishes and prayers, a forbidden bullet
Everyone only reasons with themselves, to set things right
If I only see me as special, I go crazy while I laugh

枯れた花に黒い人は 白い顔で見つめてるの
引き合うなら重なり合い 契り合えば楽になれる
エゴの中に身を堕として 人の形 纏うのなら
私だけに見せていいよ 君の全て 見せて欲しいよ

kareta hana ni kuroi hito wa shiroi kao de mitsumeteru no
hikiau nara kasanariai chigiriaeba raku ni nareru
ego no naka ni mi wo otoshite hito no katachi matou no nara
watashi dake ni misete ii yo kimi no subete misete hoshii yo

Between withered flowers, the black person watches with a white face
Overlapping when pulled together, bound together, I’ll be at ease
Demeaned in the ego, when you take on the form of a human
You should only show it to me, I want you to show me all you are

深い闇の中で誰を呼んでいるの 私だけ見つめて

fukai yami no naka de dare wo yondeiru no watashi dake mitsumete

In deep darkness, I’m calling for someone, to look only at me

私の想いが偽りだと 震えるこの手が求めれば
もう帰れないと囁やいてる 朝はきっと来ない気がしてた

watashi no omoi ga itsuwari dato furueru kono te ga motomereba
mou kaerenai to sasayaiteru asa wa kitto konai ki ga shiteta

If my feelings are a deceit, once these trembling fingers are searching
‘No more turning back,’ I’ll whisper, sure that morning won’t come

迷い込んだ御伽の国 黒い影を追いかけてた
助言者から突き放され 願い·祈り 禁断Bullet
自分だけがよければいい 夢は何時も後回しで
私だけがヒトリぼっち 笑いながら泣いてたから

mayoikonda otogi no kuni shiroi kage wo oikaketa
jogonsha kara tsukihanasare negai.inori kindan bullet
jibun dake ga yokereba ii yume wa itsumo atomawashi de
watashi dake ga hitoribocchi warainagara naiteta kara

Strayed into fairyland, I chased after white figures
Forsaken by my advisor, wishes and prayers, a forbidden bullet
It’s fine if only I am satisfied, I’m always postponing my dreams
Only I am all alone, because I was crying while I laughed

こんな世界 もう要らない 青い顔で震えていた
引き合うこと赦されない 私だけが穢れてゆく
赤い夢が滴るなら 今がきっと幸せだと
私だけを見て欲しいの 君の中で眠りについて

konna sekai mou iranai aoi kao de furueteita
hikiau koto yurusarenai watashi dake ga kegarete yuku
akai yume ga shitataru nara ima ga kitto shiawase dato
watashi dake wo mite hoshii no kimi no naka de nemuri ni tsuite

I don’t need a world like this anymore, I trembled, blue-faced
Pulling close won’t be forgiven, I am the only one corrupting
If the red dream drips, I can certainly become happy now
I want you to only see me, falling into slumber within you


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2 Responses to 禁断Bullet / Forbidden Bullet

  1. Meriole says:

    :'( Thanks you so much for this. I think, I have finally understand what is about the song.

    It seems to turn about a girl who will commit a suicide with a gun/a bullet, at the end of the song.

    When she says semone is calling me/is watching me, it refers at nothing more than herlself. She has created a sort of bad alter ego, who is always watching to herself. And this bad side gives her some bad influence to finish to commit suicide. In fact, when she says she is pourchassing whites figures = she is searching the light, to not fall anymore in darkness. Sadly, she never success to reach it.

    Anyways, thanks for this. Sorry, the story was a litle complicated to understand this time. But you’re translation help me a lot ! :)

    Anywyas, I hope your exams pass very well and also good travel of two weeks.


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