二番目物 「祟神」/ The Second Performance: Curse God

tsutae.jpgTitle: 二番目物 「祟神」
(nibanme-mono tatarigami)
The Second Performance: Curse God

Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)
Album: 伝 -tsutae-
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arrangement: RD-Sounds
Released: Comiket 91

明日ハレの日、ケの昨日 (Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not)
東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith

Not the first to post one, but obligatory translation of the track I like the most! There’s a reason Suwako is always high on my list of favourite characters, there’s so much more to her than meets the eye. So this is about the story, after she lost her kingdom to Kanako. As her believers turn against her, she ends up resenting them for their betrayal after all that she’s done for them.

Tatarigami wreak havoc upon those who wronged them. In order to appease their vengeful spirits, shrines honoring them have been built across Japan. Through proper appeasement, their curses can be lifted, or at least abated.(1)

The first two stanzas contain 乾: heaven and 坤: earth, referring to two of the eight trigrams of Taoism representing the abilities of Kanako and Suwako, respectively.

A proverb that’s referenced is 捨てる神あれば拾う神あり- when one opportunity is lost, another will appear. Translated more literally, down below. Though it’s not used, a different one that came to my mind due to the similar wording is 触らぬ神に祟りなし. A god won’t curse you if leave it be – let sleeping dogs lie.


sorazora no dokomademo
bengarairo no ame ga furu

From the heavens everywhere
Dark red rain falls down.


chi mo chi mo dokomademo
tetsu sabita iro no tsuchi wo fumu

And everywhere on the earth
The soil I tread is rust brown.


katta maketa wa yo no narai naraba
shitagau hoka ni michi mo naku

If winning and losing is how things are meant to be,
Then there’s nothing to do but live accordingly.


shikashi sono amata no uramashikigoto
kono mama de sumasare you ka?

However, these many things I resent.
Can I really let it end like this?


akanesasu sora no iro wa takaku
inaho wa omoku atamadare
shikaru ni uyamau mono no kagenaku
omonaki daichi no hate ni

The sky is glowing red all the way up,
Rice plants hang their heads heavily.
Yet at the end of this ownerless earth,
Without any reverers to be seen,


makemichi wo aruku yo

I walk the path of the defeated.


kabane no yama wo aruku mono ni wa
hitofumi futafumi nao tarinu
ikumichi kita michi tadorase wa senu
keshite modorenu shura no michi

For those walking on a mountain of corpses
Just one or two steps are not enough.
The way ahead or back can’t be travelled,
They won’t return from the path of carnage.


hachi michi wo aruke yo
…hatedonaku. dokomade?

So walk the path of the victor.
…endlessly. How far will it take you?

われが束ねた無上の大地 そのまま全部持っていけ

ware ga tabaneta mujou no daichi sono mama zenbu motteike

This is the splendid land I governed. Take everything with you as it is!

世はかくも うつろい

yo wa kakumo utsuroi
tsutsuru kami ari hirou kami ari

The world is so transitory.
A god may abandon you, another will pick you up.


tozama no mono no te de inochi aran koto wo

May your lives go on by the hands of those outsiders.

されど これは

saredo kore wa
dare ni hataraku rouzeki naru ka

Nevertheless, who do you think
You’re rioting against?


so wo wasureru koto keshite yurushi nado senu

Forgetting about that is just unforgivable.


sono kami no na
eidai edai edai urande yarou

The name of that usurper god,
Forever and ever and ever, I’ll curse it!


onaji kuchi nite inaru na wo yobu
kotohagu kizuna mo munashiku
kinou ga ika ni hareteiyou tomo
asu no yukue wa tsuyu shirazu

From the same mouth, they call a different name.
Those congratulated bonds are all in vain.
However blessed yesterday may have been,
There is no telling what tomorrow will bring.


makeinu no matsuro yo

Such is the loser’s fate.


mamorareru mono no yowasa yue ni
tsune ni yoraba taiju no kage
sono inori wa dare ga tame no mono ka
toutou dare mo shiranu mama

Because of the weakness of the protected,
They seek shelter under the biggest tree.
For who are their prayers meant?
There’s no way anyone could know.

……そのものも いつまで?

shourisha ni todoku ka
…sono mono mo itsumade?

Will they reach out to the victor?
…and then, how long will that be?

われが束ねた数多の信仰 そのまま全部投げ遣って

ware ga tabaneta amata no omoi sono mama zenbu nageyatte

The great amount of faith I had, it was all just cast away!

世はかくも うつろう

yo wa kakumo utsurou
tsutsuru tami ari hirou tami ari

The world is so transitory.
People may abandon you, others will pick you up.


tojama no mono no te ni inochi aran koto wo

May your lives be in the hands of those outsiders.

されど それは

saredo sore wa
dare ni hataraku bouon naru ka

Nevertheless, just who do you think
You’re being so ungrateful towards?


so wo wasureru koto keshite yurushi nado senu

Forgetting about that is just unforgivable.


sono uragirimono no na
eidai eidai eidai norotte yarou

The names of those traitors,
Forever and ever and ever, I’ll curse them!

病ませ 流行らせ 凶事の限り

yamase hayarase kyouji no kagiri
kusa no ne hitotsu hayasazu natte
ware ga tabaneta kegare wo mitasu
kakugo wa ikanaru mono ka?

They cause a calamitous epidemic.
Not a single bit of grass will grow.
Could they possibly be prepared
To satisfy the impurities I control?

世はかくも うつろい

yo wa kakumo utsuroi
tsutsuru chi mo nashi hirou ten mo nashi

The world is so very transitory.
No earth to abandon you, no heaven to pick you up.


tojama no mono no mi ni inochi aran koto wo

May those outsiders live on.

生きて 贖え

ikite aganae
keshite horobiru koto kanawanu you

As you live, redeem yourselves
So that you should not perish.


kono na to tomo ni shite wasurerarenu you

So that, along with my name, you will not forget.


kono tenchi no subete
eidai eidai eidai eidai eidai eidai eidai eidai eidai tatatte yarou

All that exists between this earth and  sky,
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever,
I’ll curse it all.


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