雪目の薔薇 / Snow-Blind Rose

shooting-snow-2012Title: 雪目の薔薇
(yukime no bara)
Snow-Blind Rose

Circle: ふぉれすとぴれお (Forestpireo)
Album: Shooting Snow 2012
Vocal: kalon.
Lyrics: 味付け玉子 (Ajitsuketamago)
Arrangement: 味玉定食 (Azitamateishoku)
Released: Touhou Kouroumu 8

東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism // ラストリモート (Last Remote) // ハルトマンの妖怪少女 (Hartmann’s Youkai Girl)

Six minutes and six seconds full of feeling. This album has some really solid tracks on it. I kept eye as singular, because it’s Koishi, but it’s not specified.

夢を見ていたよ 懐かしい声だった
閉じた瞳 今日も眠るよ

yume wo miteita yo natsukashii koe datta
tojita hitomi kyou mo nemuru yo
mezame no nukumori wasurete

I had a dream. There was a familiar voice.
My closed eye still sleeps to this day.
It has forgotten the warmth of waking.

白銀に染まった 寂しげな世界
窓の向こう 映った私

hakugin ni somatta sabishige na sekai
mado no mukou utsutta watashi
kaze no you ni fuwari kieta

Covered with silver, the world seems lonely.
My reflection on the other side of the window
Slowly disappeared, like the wind.

しんしんと降り積もる雪 私の心染め上げ
誰も居ない景色の奥へと 足跡だけを残していく

shinshin to furitsumoru yuki watashi no kokoro someage
daremo inai keshiki no oku e to ashiato dake wo nokoshiteiku

The snow that silently falls and piles up has dyed my heart.
As I head deeper into the deserted landscape, I only leave my footprints.

最後に聞こえた 別れの言葉は
生きた証 消えてく私

saigo ni kikoeta wakare no kotoba wa
ikita akashi kieteku watashi
subete kiritotteyuku darou

The words of parting that I heard in the end
Are proof that I’ve lived; I’m disappearing.
It seems I’ll be cutting everything off.

凍えそうな冬の朝に 一人この目を閉ざした
かじかんだ指をそっと握り 赤い花空へ舞い上がる
雪原に立つ陽炎は 私を見つめる私
その名前を一人呼んでみる サヨナラ優しい人たちよ

kogoesou na fuyu no asu ni hitori kono me wo tozashita
kajikanda yubi wo sotto nigiri akai hana sora e maiagaru
setsugen ni tatsu kagerou wa watashi wo mitsumeru watashi
sono namae wo hitori yondemiru sayonara yasashii hitotachi yo

In the freezing winter morning I closed this eye by myself.
Gently clinging to my numbed fingers, red flowers soar up into the sky.
The mirage standing in the snow field is me staring at myself.
Alone, I try to call those names. Farewell, kind people.

二度と開かない 扉の向こうへと 意識は消える

nidoto akanai tobira no mukou e to ishiki wa kieru

I head through the gate that won’t open again, and my consciousness disappears.

音が 全て 消える

oto ga subete kieru

All sound disappears.

眠たそうなあなたの声 聞こえたような気がして
自ら手放した筈なのに 心に虚ろな火が灯る
しんしんと降り積もる雪 私の心染め上げ
誰も居ない景色の奥へと 足跡だけを残していく

nemutasou na anata no koe kikoeta you na ki ga shite
mizukara tebanashita hazu nano ni kokoro ni utsuro na hi ga tomoru
shinshin to furitsumoru yuki watashi no kokoro someage
daremo inai keshiki no oku e to ashiato dake wo nokoshiteiku

I get the feeling that I heard your sleepy voice.
Though I purposefully abandoned my heart, a hollow flame burns in it again.
The snow that silently falls and piles up has dyed my heart.
As I head deeper into the deserted landscape, I only leave my footprints.


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6 Responses to 雪目の薔薇 / Snow-Blind Rose

  1. Night says:

    Hey girl, how’ve you been going? Long time, isn’t it? I think it’s been 1 and half year since the last time I asked you the translation of endless rebirth ^^. Times really fly…
    You’ve grow so much. Despite that I wasn’t commenting or anything like that, I was always checking out your blog. And you just keep getting better and better in your translations, and always doing great eastnewsound’s translations.
    Are you still playing touhou?
    Aside from that, do you still have the original image of your youtube banner profile? I was looking in my youtube history, and I recalled that you uploaded that nice wither. Accidentally, I saw your banner and I was like: wow, dat nice yuyuko… I WANT IT!!


    • Fuyuko says:

      What a surprise to see you comment! I knew that it’s been a while, but I didn’t realize it’s been 1.5 years..! Yes, time flies. I always wondered where you went, haha. Thank you for visiting all this time. And, I definitely still play! Do you?

      (It took a while, but in the end I did find that image again: http://www.zerochan.net/1584725)


      • Night says:

        Yeahh!!, I mean, why wouldn’t I visit a place where I can find another EastNewSound Fellow, the best circle ever???
        As for me, I’m still playing (the last thing I remember was that I was trying to aim for the 1cc of MoF, but failed cuz I lost all my 5 lifes in the last SC of Kanako, lulz), though, i’ve stopped for a looong time. Last year of my graduation and my job is taking a lot of time too But, yeah, definitely awaiting for the touhou 16 (meanwhile I’m trying to get the last extra that is lacking to me: the danmed 12 – goosh, this one is really hard due to the stage, not nue – really weird…). Hope this time we won’t find something so nightmarish like clownpiece xD

        Oh, sry for taking your time =X. And thank you very much for the nice sauce!!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Night says:

          Oh, one last thing: watch SukaSuka. Best aniem of the past season with 2 incredible OST: “Call You” and “Scarborough Fair”. Watch it!! Definitely worthy!!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. 空見りんき says:

    Hello. Thank you for your translation.

    This song has lots of metaphoric expressions and I felt them difficult to interpret.
    Anyway I wrote the thing that I found.

    : 自ら手放した筈なのに 心に虚ろな火が灯る
    : Though I abandoned my self, in my heart a hollow flame burns.

    I think here 「自ら」 is a adverb, not a noun with unwritten 「を」.

    Grammatically both will be alright.
    I assume 「私」(Koishi) abandoned her heart (or a flame in her heart) by closing her eye(「一人この目を閉ざした」).
    So I think 「自ら」 is a adverb from that context.

    I would translate that part to
    : Though I abandoned my heart out of my will, a hollow flame burns in it.

    Under my interpretation, the meaning of the part will be clearer if we put “again” in the end.

    – Reference
    ▼ 自らの英語・英訳 – 英和辞典・和英辞典 Weblio辞書
    [URL] http://ejje.weblio.jp/content/%E8%87%AA%E3%82%89


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