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Title: Kaleidoscope Artist: m:a.ture Album: Reflect Music, lyrics: 桜村 眞 Requested by alv! See you all in the next year.

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Same Nightmare

Title: Same Nightmare Circle: EastNewSound Album: Infect Paranoia Vocal: 花咲あんな (Hanasaki Anna) Lyrics: 海兎 (Kaito) Arrangement: 黒鳥 (Kokuchou) Released: Comiket 86 Requested by Ammy! “One mistake undermines the body forever.” From the PV of this original arrangement. Paranoia, images of pills and bloodstains, wordplay with … Continue reading

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Title: Victim Circle: EastNewSound Album: Alter Fragments Vocal: 紫咲ほたる (Murasaki Hotaru) Lyrics: くまりす (kumaris) Arrangement: きりん (Kirin) Released: Comiket 90 Original composition. Time for comiket stuff. Requested by Eiki!

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サテライトに祈りを / Wishing Upon a Satellite

Title: サテライトに祈りを (sateraito ni inori wo) Wishing Upon a Satellite Circle: ロリィタノイロォゼ Album: love in idleness/eyecandy Requested, and transcribed, by Eiki!

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きかせたいのは / What I Want You to Hear

Title: きかせたいのは (kikasetai no wa) What I Want You to Hear Artist: ササノマリイ (sasanomaly) Album: おばけとおもちゃ箱 Requested by Eiki! (Thank you for introducing me to this artist!) 消えたくなって 思い出した 君の声と 咽せる夏 「僕もいつか、」何回目かで 言うのをやめた kietakunatte omoidashita kimi no koe to museru natsu ‘boku … Continue reading

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