(Pen-name) Fuyuko here. Student and Touhou fangirl. If you’re curious, I’m about as old as the game Lotus Land Story.

I’m not a native speaker of English or Japanese, but I’m trying to work on my language abilities and extend my vocabulary by translating songs. Some time ago I decided to post those here to share them with people who might be interested. As I’m still learning, any corrections and suggestions are welcome. I’ll do my best to improve and do the songs justice!

(Seven years ago I accidentally clicked on a touhou video on youtube, googled the game, played EoSD and loved it! I’ve enjoyed a lot of fanmade work over the years, so hopefully I can contribute to this community as well, this way.)

Thanks everyone for the support so far!

3 Responses to About

  1. WanderingSky114 says:

    Hi there Fuyuko. I was wondering. Were you able to receive the email I sent you about a month ago? I just wanted to say thanks for taking my requests and offer a token of my appreciation by offering some suggestions about some manga/anime stuff you might find of interest.


    • Fuyuko says:

      Thank you for reminding me, because I just searched, and it turned out to be in my spam folder (rude!) and I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. I’ll write a longer reply to the mail itself, but please know that it makes me very happy to receive things like that! You rock! :D


      • WanderingSky114 says:

        Oh, you were able to receive it! Thank you, glad I was able to make your day brighter! ^^ I’m currently typing up my email response to you so please expect that within a few days at most since my work in the daytime really limits my free time down to a only few hours at night.

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