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偽りの夢幻 / Fabricated Dreams

Title: 偽りの夢幻 (itsuwari no mugen) Fabricated Dreams Artist: menshevik Lyrics: 宇文子牙 Original: 東方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power 萃夢想 (Memory of Forgathering Dream) Requested by WanderingSky114! Beautiful.

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Desire Awake

Title: Desire Awake Circle: ALiCe BoX Album: ADDICT ~ fest さゆり Vocal: さゆり Lyrics: 遊希人 Arrangement: Y’s Released: Reitaisai 13 Original: 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires デザイアドライブ (Desire Drive) Requested by Roy! Desire drive, but the PV is about Youmu and Sanae. A … Continue reading

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Title: LAST DAY GOOD NIGHT Circle: ZYTOKINE Publisher: メロンブックス (Melonbooks) Album: 東方PARTYBOX02 Vocal: itori Lyrics: 隣人 (Linjin) Arrangement: 隣人 (Linjin) Released: Comiket 90 Original: 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism 廃獄ララバイ (Lullaby of Deserted Hell) Requested by Runixzan! I really adore this song, lyrics included.

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セイギノスガオ / A Righteous Honest Face

Title: セイギノスガオ (seigi no sugao) A Righteous Honest Face Circle: 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) Album: Dreamer×Dreamer Vocal: たま, 抹 Lyrics: AO Arrangement: Coro Released: Comiket 85 Original: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith ネイティブフェイス (Native Faith) Requested by Ammy!

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Eternal link code

Title: Eternal link code Circle: Pizuya’s Cell Album: イザナミの二律背反 (Izanami’s Antimony) Vocal: あまね (Amane) Lyrics: rudder-k Arrangement: pizuya Released: Comiket 88 Original: 伊弉諾物質 ~ Neo-traditionalism of Japan イザナギオブジェクト (Izanagi Object) Requested by Tankihou!

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