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Game Over

Title: Game Over Circle: C-CLAYS Album: 舞音 -MUON- Vocal: 小峠 舞 (Kotohge Mai) Lyrics: 御籤 Arrangement: あとぐる Released: 2011/08/13 (Comiket 80) Even this particular theme can be nice to hear. Game over! Continue? Original: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith プレイヤーズスコア (Player’s … Continue reading

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蜜纏いし白の姫君 ~Snow White~ / Nectar-Clad White Princess

Title: 蜜纏いし白の姫君 ~Snow White~ (mitsu matoishi shiro no himegimi) Nectar-Clad White Princess Circle: 葉月ゆら (Hatsuki Yura) Album: Gothica III Vocal: 葉月ゆら (Hatsuki Yura) Lyrics: 葉月ゆら (Hatsuki Yura) Arrangement: 白戸佑輔 (Yusuke Shirato) Released: 2013/12/31 (Comiket 85) Requested by Mery! An original this … Continue reading

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パーフェクトドール / Perfect Doll

Title: パーフェクトドール (paafekuto dooru) Perfect Doll Circle: 豚乙女 Album: I LOVE CHERRY Vocal: MCパプリカ (MC Paprika), DJコンプ (DJ Comp) Lyrics: DJコンプ (DJ Comp) Arrangement: DJコンプ (DJ Comp) Released: 2015/10/18 (Autumn Reitaisai 2) Requested. Some of this probably went over my head and … Continue reading

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ちぎれた恋 / Torn Up Love

Title: ちぎれた恋 (chigireta koi) Torn Up Love Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME) Album: 8 -EIGHT- Vocal: ランコ (Ranko), めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop) Lyrics: ランコ (Ranko) Arrangement: コンプ (Comp) Released: 2012/08/11 (Comiket 82) For some reason I was convinced this was translated long ago, but I couldn’t actually find it … Continue reading

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ヨロコビノウタ / Song of Joy

Title: ヨロコビノウタ (yorokobi no uta) Song of Joy Circle: monochrome-coat Album: ID Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop) Lyrics: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop) Arrangement: シュリンプ (Shrimp) Released: 2013/12/30 (Comiket 85) Original: 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character 始原のビート ~ Pristine Beat (Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat) … Continue reading

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