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百花繚乱 / Many Flowers Blooming Profusely

Title: 百花繚乱 (hyakka ryouran) Many Flowers Blooming Profusely Circle: SOUND HOLIC Album: Dark Sleeper Vocal: 709sec. Lyrics: Blue E Arrangement: 709sec. Released: 2014/12/29 (Comiket 87) Original: 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story 幽夢 ~ Inanimate Dream (Faint Dream) Dream Land Requested by Eiki!  Usually I try … Continue reading

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フライト・ナイト・フライト / Fright Night Flight

Title: フライト・ナイト・フライト (furaito naito furaito) Fright Night Flight Circle: Yonder Voice Album: 雪幻ティルナノーグ (Setsugen Tír na nÓg) Vocal: 瑶山百霊 (Yaoshanbailing) Lyrics: 蒼羅杏 (Sora Anzu) Arrangement: Zris Released: 2015/12/30 (Comiket 89) Original: 東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom 九月のパンプキン (September Pumpkin) (An … Continue reading

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夜に向かって這う直線 / Straight Line Crawling Towards the Night

Title: 夜に向かって這う直線 (yoru ni mukatte hau chokusen) Straight Line Crawling Towards the Night Circle: サリー (Sally) Album: アイス (Ice) Vocal: 茶太 (Chata) Lyrics: shuriken Arrangement: NSY Released: 2012/08/11 (Comiket 82) Original: 東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil おてんば恋娘 (Tomboyish Girl in Love) Requested by Eiki. How … Continue reading

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Title: Yama-Xanadu Circle: SOUND HOLIC Album: 幻想★あ・ら・もーど II (Fantasy★A La Mode II) Vocal: Nana Takahashi Lyrics: Blue E Arrangement: MasKaleido Released: 2013/05/26 (Reitaisai 10) You must go down! Original: 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View 六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years (Eastern Judgement in … Continue reading

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Title: LOOP Circle: 暁Records (Akatsuki Records) Album: 反逆の鐘 -Last Rebellion- Vocal: Stack Lyrics: ACTRock Arrangement: ねこ☆まんじゅう Released: 2014/08/16 (Comiket 86) Original: 東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 紅楼 ~ Eastern Dream… (Crimson Tower) 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story Bad Apple!! Akatsuki Records! … Continue reading

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