Game Over

Title: Game Over
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 舞音 -MUON-
Vocal: 小峠 舞 (Kotohge Mai)
Lyrics: 御籤
Arrangement: あとぐる
Released: 2011/08/13 (Comiket 80)

Even this particular theme can be nice to hear.
Game over! Continue?

東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith
プレイヤーズスコア (Player’s Score)

震える心奥 彷徨えば
辺境の地 漆黒の空

harahara maichiru hoshitachi to
hirahira ochiteku munen no hi
furueru shin’ou samayoeba
henkyou no chi shikkoku no sora

The falling stars scattering about, and
The flickering, sinking flames of regret
When the trembling depths of your heart wander
You’ll be distant and the sky jet black

ホタルの命 Fragile Life.
木下闇 A darkness leaf.
生い茂り探し続ける 希求の路

hotaru no inochi Fragile Life.
konoshita yami A darkness leaf.
oishigeri sagashitsuzukeru kikyuu no michi

The life of a firefly is a fragile life
Shaded beneath the trees is a darkness leaf
Thriving, keep seeking the path of your aspirations

徒然な時 身を委ねば
天与の好機 泡のごとく

takami wo nozonda sono hi kara
chiniku wo kizamu ibara umaru
tsuredure na toki mi wo yudaneba
ten’yo no kouki awa no gotoku

From the day I wished to be high up
Thorns cutting into flesh and blood came to be
When you leave yourself to tedious times
A gift from the heavens will come like a bubble

戸惑い流せ Change your life.
我を信じ 蒼天来れ

tomadoi nagase Change your life.
ware wo shinji souten kitare

Wash away your confusion, change your life
Believe in yourself, the sky will turn blue

dreaming person is groover.
always go live look at the sky.
蜃気楼も 幻も掴む様に

dreaming person is groover.
always go live look at the sky.
shinkirou mo maboroshi mo tsukamu you ni

A dreaming person is a groover
Always keep living, looking at the sky
To grasp mirages and illusions alike

疾風迅雷 迫り来る破竹
閃光去り 後の歯痒さ
躓きて野の花を摘む Broken heart.
うつろい 吐息

shippuu jinrai semarikuru hachiku
senkou sari ato no hagayusa
tsumazukite nonohana wo tsumu Broken heart.
utsuroi toiki

Approaching with great force at the speed of light
A light flashed, followed by exasperation
Stumbling, the broken heart picks wild flowers
With a fading sigh


yubisaki ni shizuku koborete kieta
ibara kono michi kewashiku to mo
mada minu sekai ni yume wo kasanete
kyou mo hitori ayumu

Droplets fell from my fingertips and disappeared
Even when thorns obstruct this path
Dreams are repeated in a yet unseen world
And I walk on alone, today as well

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